Karzoug the Claimer.

The name once caused men to cower in fear. But time has a way of making men forget all things, and with its passage, the knowledge of the tyranny of the runelords of ancient Thassilon has become lost. But while not even a distant memory to the natives of Varisia, Karzoug did not perish with the empire he ruled a part of… Instead, he has waited thousands of years for his plan to come to fruition…

10,000 years since the fall of ancient Thassilon, a forgotten evil returns to reclaim the kingdom he once sought to control.

What began in the small town of Sandpoint now casts a shadow across an entire region… In order to stop the runelord, our heroes must first find the fabled city of greed, Xin-Shalast.

Karzoug is coming, and the Heroes of Sandpoint are the only hope for Varisia… if not all of Golarion

A Forgotten Evil

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